As part of our Printing Services, we provide Folders. Business material presented in an organised and easy to get to way will look much better and reliable. Folders are the perfect tools to help your business present itself in the most professional way possible. The most usual folders are bi-folds, and they usually have one, two or more flaps to hold the pieces inside them. Folders are just on of the many tools we can assist you with as part of our Business Printing Service. We offer everything from Business Cards to Flyers & Leaflet Printing.

The other practical aspect of using folders to keep your business literature in is that they also work as a protection for the pieces inside them. Folders can be configured (by adding or removing inserts) to different clients according to their interests.

We can print and make up your folders in any variety of colours and on a variety of stock. Just let us know what your requirements are and we’ll do the rest.


Printpac Services are FSC certified which guarantees we use materials from Responsible Forestry. Unlike others who say they use FSC material we can prove it. (Certification code CU-COC-817621)

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